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Talmage McGoulager: A Short Story

Tweet Talmage McGoulager was not special. He was exceptionally normal and unimpressive. A sympathetic couple once suggested that perhaps his name was special. “Is it T-H-A-U-M-A-G-E  M-C-G-H-O-U-L-A-G-E-R?” His reply was an apathetic monotone, “No. It’s with an ‘L’, and my last name is one letter shorter.” They stared at him and lowered their inquisitive eyebrows,…

an ugly design

Tweet This is a set of hideous pink psychedelic dolphins with the phrase “hire us” written twice in the same size of comic sans. I hope it bothers you.

a new blog design

Tweet I just did a redesign of my wife’s blog. You can check it out by clicking on the image. Tell me what you think. I’ve really been into these swirlies lately. I will probably hate them in a year. As always it was built entirely with PhotoShop and Headway for WordPress. 

a fun project my wife had me put together

Tweet This is a project I recently finished for my wife. She wrote the text and told me what she wanted. Feel free to steal our ideas or take credit for this.

free high resolution backgrounds

Tweet These are some backgrounds I recently made. I considered putting them on Deviant, but then I would have to sign up for an account.

a twitter moment