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easy Facebook fan page fbml

Tweet I needed to learn how to make fancy Facebook pages really quickly, because I like money. Apparently you can make a pretty penny for them. Anyway. I thought it would be kind of me to give you the basic html to make one for your client. Charge them a few hundred dollars, and then…

Is there a major difference between PhotoShop CS and CS4?

Tweet I do all of my work in PhotoShop CS. The problem is that I just got a job that will require me to work in CS4. I’m wondering if there will be a sharp learning curve, or is it mostly the same?

15 easy steps to make a header

Tweet When making a website I can think of nothing more detrimental than an ugly header. They exist. If you didn’t smile or imagine one, then yours is probably hideous. I want to help you. Below is a step-by-step method of creating a simpleĀ  header. Step 1 Get Photoshop or become really quick thinking and…